My face when I hear students say they’ve never heard the benefits of a Lash Sublime Lash Cleanser 😮

​We all know that one client who doesn’t cleanse their lashes daily (no name dropping!) 🙊
I’m sure you should all know by now how important it is to educate your clients with the proper lash aftercare.
It’s one of the KEY 🔑 fundamental rules every lash artist and client should know. 📚
Not only are cleansers great for post-care service to assist in makeup, oil and sunscreen removal (hello, better lash retention 🙋🏻‍♀️). Cleansers are also essential for pre-lash service to remove any oils or makeup residue that will help create incredible lash retention + boosting anti-static, antibacterial properties.
Our luxurious, creamy, and gentle lash cleanser is available online! Comes with a free brush for your clients too!
Stock up in bulk and get a better deal per bottle! Get them below💕
P.S Who else loves our pink & gold packaging colour combo?😍




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