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First of all...this training is wayy beyond 5 stars!

sought out lash extensions after deciding I wanted a lead into my own business – something I could start doing in my spare time, then maybe go on from there. I actually had no idea how just how much demand there is for properly trained stylists, who turn out an amazing product! I am at a point where its difficult to fit in new clients, as a lot of the other Sublime stylists are! Word of mouth is key, & thats how I found Sublime in the first place. You know you are on to a good thing when you dont see a single negative review!

The training was beyond intense – who knew there was more to the art of lashing than just application?! Jodie is a wonderful teacher. I & one other student was welcomed into her home studio, she trained us methodically, baked us delicious treats & offered excellent instruction as we lashed our models. I cant recommend Lash Sublime highly enough, & if you are considering between this company & a beauty college or even worse, a course offered by a ‘Beauty Wholesaler’, take into consideration a few things…

Most Sublime girls (& guys ) now own their own business & dictate their own hours
Does your current role allow you to earn approx $120 for 1 – 1.5 hrs work – our level of training & client satisfaction does
Can you call a the course provider in a panic as your child has unscrewed the lid of your adhesive & pop around to their fully stocked supply room to purchase more! If you have a tricky client situation, could you contact the course provider a year later, or would the college/beauty store have no idea who you are & why you are contacting them..

Best decision I ever made, thanks Jodie – Amber

Fantastic training

Fantastic training! Haven’t looked back since ♥ xxx

– Jilly


 I felt so confident and that I really knew what I was doing after my training, I absolutely loved it and loving my new job xx – Montanna

Thank you!

I recently had the absolute pleasure of becoming a part of the Elite ‘Sublime’ family.. let me tell you a little bit about my journey..

I wanted to start a business that I could do from home and around the children and more importantly, something that what I was passionate about.. lashes!! I knew from the offset that Sublime was the one for me not only due to the rave reviews I had been hearing from a friend who is a dedicated customer of Jodies but also because of the way that it stands heads above any other training company. I spent hours reasearching different training providers so I was able to make an informed decision but it soon became very clear to me that I had two options: a) to chose a cost effective training provider which would get me the ‘qualification’ that I needed to practice eyelash extensions or b) chose a company who were more expensive but who were “completely devoted to the art of healthy, meticalous individual eyelash extensions.” A provider who strived to keep themselves and their students up to date with new products and trends (ie volume lashes) and who was offering ongoing training and support which can be tailored to each individuals needs!! It really wasnt a hard choice to make as I knew the level of training that I received initially would determine my ability in the future and as the well known saying goes..you certainly get what you pay for!!

I was trained by the fabalous Karmen, who is such a credit to Jodie and the Sublime brand..her drive, enthusiasm and passion for ‘lashing’ is an inspiration but also her reassurance that that I had the ability to become a great lash artist. She was always reminding me that everyone has to start somewhere & was happy to share her own personal experiences which was a huge comfort. Any questions, concerns or worries (and there were many!!) were never too much. Karmen went above and beyond the call of duty as my trainer and exceeded all of my expectations..so I would like to say a huge THANKYOU to Karmen for believing in me and for giving me the confidence to reach for the stars!! ♡

I cannot sing the praises of my Sublime experience enough..it was hard work and in no way an easy achievement but Jodie and her team have such a vested interest in each persons development and thrive to equipt each student with the tools to achieve their maximum potential! Sublime is, in my opinion, an innovative and unique company which will only continue to grow and conquer the world of lashes!!

In the words of Miss Jodie herself ..”Passion, practice, preservence and dedication is what it takes to achieve Sublime lashes.” Amen to that!!

– Gemma

Jodie was so professional

I would just like to say how brilliant the 5 day Eyelash Extension course at Lash Sublime was. Jodie was so professional in explaining every aspect of the business and technique and the fact it was hands on, on the first day was amazing!! I have never enjoyed learning anything as much as I did with Jodie. Eyelash Extensions have become my life…I have finally found a job I absolutely LOVE!! I can’t recommend Jodie highly enough!!

– Chanell

Jodie was so professional

I’m not going to write a review full of “amazing! awesome! loved it!”. Lash Sublime Training is all of that – but there’s more important things to consider. So here are some facts:

1. At first, I was apprehensive of the cost of the training. After doing my research on other lash extension training companies, I came back to Lash Sublime because I didn’t want to be a mediocre stylist. I wanted to be a GREAT stylist. I didn’t want to give my clients an average service they could get from anyone. So I invested the extra money. That was the first step.

2. One of my major deciding factors when choosing where I was going to train was ongoing support. This is really important. It’s one thing to sit through some classes but when you’re out there, all by yourself, it takes courage to keep learning, growing and becoming a better stylist. The ongoing group support that Lash Sublime offers just isn’t available anywhere else.

3. You could go to an average lash workshop and spend $300 on a 2 hour lesson on how to apply lashes. That’s it. Then you can go out there and play with adhesives close to people’s eyes. That scares me. At Lash Sublime, you have over 32 hours experience before you are qualified. 12 hours hands on training and then 20 hours on models. I know which stylist I would prefer to be treated by – one with more training hours under their belt!

4. The training itself is hands on. There is no class of 10+ students fighting for the teachers attention. Maximum two students to a class- that’s real hands on training, when you have the teachers’ full attention.

5. Lash Sublime’s focus on lash health is inspired. So many beauty products these days can be dangerous if used incorrectly. Lash Sublime’s core values are ingrained in proven, medical evidence of lash growth stages, adhesive chemical structures and holding the client’s health paramount to anything else.

I would encourage anyone who wants to deliver a premium lash service to train with Lash Sublime. More importantly, I would encourage anyone who is interested in having lash extensions applied to only go to a Lash Sublime stylist because I know the extensive training they go through. At the end of the day, strive to be the best you can be, and let Lash Sublime give you the best start to a fantastic service offering – Lydia

Jodie is without a doubt the best trainer

Jodie is without a doubt the best trainer in Perth! I was one of her first trainees nearly 5 years ago now, and over the years some of my clients who were previously lashed but someone not sublime trained do not even compare. If you are thinking of learning this amazing art then Jodie is your woman!

– Emma

Fantastic training

Fantastic training, fantastic support and a fantastic product range to enable us to provide our clients with the best quality..

– Jenna

Amazing Service

Double…triple your business with this amazing service simply by having your clients walking around with their amazing lashes! Deciding to add eyelash extensions to my business was the best thing I ever did it took my handful of clients to dozens of clients and a profitable little business…. So why did I choose sublime? I tried out a sublime stylist myself first and loved my lashes, I contaced Jodie and loved her (almost as much as my lashes!!) too. I liked being trained practically one on one with only one other student, it’s very hands on but with the appropriate amount of theory. What’s more important is the after care from Jodie and the little sublime family we have, where no question is a dumb question and support is a the touch of my Facebook app on my phone! I’m now doing the volume lashing with irina that Jodie organises and cannot wait to see how this will excel my skill even more … I would more than recommend lash sublime I would insist its the only place in Perth to train!

– Chantelle

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