What is your difference?

What sets you apart from the rest?

Many new stylists set out to gain new clients and think that price is the answer.

Do not rely on price, do not try and entice clients with your price as you will be attracting a client that’s main vision and value is to save money, they will not value good work, your love and care, your experience and guess what.. the next time someone has a better offer they will leave you!

Ask your existing clients what they love about you, think on how you can improve their experience, how you can make them feel important, how you can improve your services and so on.

Some of my thoughts here

  • Make booking and rebooking easy, take the lead and rebook at time of service, that is one less thing they have to worry about.
  • Think ahead, do they have any special events ad would they like to upgrade their service to make them feel extra princess worthy.
  • Offer them yourself completely, if you have booked them for a two hour service then you need  to be ” present”  for that time, do not leave them, do not have conversations with others or yell at the kids, do not answer calls, text etc. They are paying you for your time!
  • Really look at them, don’t assume they want the same thing as last time, sit them down and look at their beauty, what can you do to highlight this, look at features that can be disguised.
  • Tell them!!! If you see the beauty then tell them, always speak what you think when it comes to this, You will make their day.. week.. year.. but of course it must be the truth, and I can always find something attractive about people.


  • This one is uber important, I don’t care what treatment you are performing on your client if you see a chin hair, or something equally embarrassing then ort it sout .. I promise you this will secure their love for you forever more!

I could go on .. but I think you get the idea 😊

Much love


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