Unsure of how to finish a Henna treatment?

​Try a relaxing head massage accompanied with @browxenna Oil for Eyelash and Eyebrow growth.

​The composition of the oil includes a complex of 17 active components, which intensively moisturizes, strengthens, and promotes new growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.

BrowXenna® oil helps to preserve color when colored with henna.

How to use:

Apply the oil to the cleansed eyebrows and eyelashes, using a brush or a special wand, in the direction of hair growth. For best results, apply the oil at night before going to bed, in the morning its remains could be removed with a dry cotton pad.

Ingredients: Linoleic acid (LA), Oleic acid, Alkaloids, Flavonoids, Quercetin, Polyunsaturated fatty acids, Amino acids, and Vitamin B, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin K, as well as micro and macronutrients.

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