Struggling with your tape application?

After a thorough cleanse and rinse, we are now on the task of protecting the lower lashes with eye Pads/Patches.

The reasons why we need to protect the lower lashes ;

• They collect and hide the bottom lashes from our vision; therefore they will not get caught and lashed
• They protect the delicate area under the eye from our tweezers and any fumes
• It also gives us a white background so we can see the natural lashes better

Correct Eye Pad application is essential, if you do not get this right then you are potentially going to harm a client, either with a physical scratch or allowing vapors into the eyes.

Some things to remember:

• Never stretch the eye out of its normal shape, otherwise it will not close properly allowing vapors to enter
• Keep the eye pad away from the rim of the eye and the roots of the lashes (2cm from the eyeball)
• Find the clients tear duct and draw an imaginary line, never allow the eye pad to cross this line, this will help when we need to lash the inners

This is one of the MANY topics that we cover in our 2 Day (optional 3rd day available) Classic Eyelash Extension Course. If you are wanting more information, please feel free to contact us, either via DM, phone, or email or come in and visit us at our Academy in Bibra Lake 🙂

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