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Let’s Talk… Isolation 🙌🏻

(and no, not that that type of self-isolation… 🦠😅)

Today I’ll be sharing with you a “Sublime” Fundamental Principle to maintain Lash Safety! ✅📚

And that is… CORRECT ISOLATION is an absolute must!

❌ We have a 100% no “sticky” policy.
Meaning that every single Natural Lash should have it’s very own extension or fan attached ONLY!

Here are 2 tips that will help with lash isolation! 🤔

#1 You cannot maintain this lash isolation without the precise vision of the area 🕵️‍♀️

👉🏻 Adjust your client correctly on the table before you begin and regularly throughout.

#2 Invest in a Lash Pillow
👉🏻It cradles your client’s head gently, allowing you to spot where the natural lash meets the eyelid!
This makes sure our placement is precise and our sticky checks can be completed throughout and precisely at the end of service🔎

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