LASH SUBLIME Pty Ltd  -established 2009-

My very first taste of Eyelash Extensions was in 2002, I was shown how to apply mini flares to the lash line without isolation by my nail technician, I loved the look but did not understand why they hurt a little and a re-lash was just adding more on top.

Although, I was obsessed with the way it made my eyes pop, so I enrolled in a one day class where we got to apply half sets with no emphasis on isolation. We were also encouraged to use lash lengths that were 100% past the natural lash, where the thickness were .20 or more and the “glue” was a 10 second dry, so the unkind and painful separation of stickies were all part of the glorious service.

I’m not angry at the poor education, you see at this time in Australia (and possibly the world) this was how it was done, you see the craft of Eyelash Extensions was so new and we were all learning!


Being Australia’s first Iconic Lash Brand, also positioned us as one of Australia’s “favourite” Lash Brand, but it has been the continuous work that has kept us there.

Jodie and the team excel at improving their own education, scientific evaluations and lash community support, as time has passed we have re authored our training manual so many times we have lost count, and all of this combined is felt not only throughout the Lash Community in Perth (our home base) but Australia and I daresay the World.

We are renowned for graduating successful students and supplying them with superior products. We have come from humble beginnings and understand what it takes to balance family and career.

When you choose Lash Sublime as your educator or your product of choice, you are choosing one of Australia’s finest.

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