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Although the beauty industry may seem competitive – it’s growing fast and there is so much demand for beauty services now more than ever.

The eyelash industry itself was worth $400 million in 2018, and is now forecasted to be worth $1.5 billion by 2023! 👏🏼

That means we need more lash and brow artists to keep up with the ever-evolving demand!

Are you interested in growing your income and working a flexible and financially stable career while doing what you love as a lash artist?

Then read on… ✨

In Perth, the common benchmark for experienced lash artists to charge is around:
$150-$300 for a full lash set, and $80-$160 for a lash refill.

Now, let’s do some maths… 👩‍🏫

If you work part-time, you can earn around $36k+ per year in biz revenue 💰

If you work full-time, you’ll earn anywhere from $70k-$100k+ per year in biz revenue💰

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING for doing something you love and get to wake up every day feeling passionate about? 👌🏼💖

Remember, the numbers may seem super appealing – but this career won’t make you an overnight success.

If you’re willing to invest in yourself and your career, put in the effort, and make sacrifices – you will definitely see a return on investment! ✅

Here at Lash Sublime, Jodie and the team are devoted to training upcoming lash artists and providing hands-on experience – to equip them with the top industry skills to confidently step foot into the beauty industry!💯

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