Feedback is Power! 🙌

​Quite often, I hear client’s telling their world how unhappy they were with “such and such” whether it was a service, education or product, but they forget to tell the business provider!

Sometimes quietly in person, sometimes very LOUDLY on the internet! 😗

Every opportunity, I encourage people to give” good honest ” feedback!

By giving people true honest feedback (in the nicest way possible) allows the person to improve their skills and service, and grow in their career!

​So, even if this hurts their soul for a small moment, the big lesson outweighs the uncomfortable.

​Imagine a world if no one gave true feedback and someone was doing a terrible job for their whole life.. be a part of their journey and encourage and share!

​Stay tuned for the art of feedback without hurting someone’s feelings! 😇

​When was the last time you gave constructive feedback?

​Much love, Jodie