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Brow Tint - Oxygen O2 Complete System

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OXYGEN O2 is a gentle system of the smart colouring of brows and eyelashes.

It is a non-ammonia dye based on molecular colouring technologies. The composition of the OXYGEN O2 DYE FOR EYEBROWS AND EYELASHES includes colouring nano molecules and care complex consisting of oat proteins, liquid silk, panthenol, vitamins, and keratin.

The modern formula contributes to stable and even colouring and protects hairs during the colouring process.


Nano Pigment Technology (NPT) allows colouring nano molecules to penetrate easily into the structure of the hairs, disclosing minimally the cuticular layer, thus ensuring consistent, flawless staining.• 4 basic shades for any type.

• Nano Pigment Technology (NPT).

• It contains care components.

• Exclusive Italian formula.

 The Set includes:


ВLACK 2.07

Black dye for eyebrows and eyelashes guarantees a clean and intense colour, provides a reliable and high-quality dyeing result. Ideal for burning brunettes. This colour is recommended to be mixed with OXYGEN O2 CLEAR SHADE DILUTER or used as a corrector.GRAPHITE 3.11

This colour is recommended for ashy blondes and dark blonde girls — it is completely out of sight and looks as natural as possible. It can be used for tinting men’s eyebrows, touch up gray hairs perfectly. Depending on the exposure time, it is possible to achieve both light and dark gray shades.

BROWN 5.67

Gives eyebrows a cold brown tone. Perfect for girls with brown, blonde and red hair of different shades. The texture of the paint is easy to apply and provides a lasting effect without streaks and sagging.


This dye is suitable not only for eyebrows of red, reddish and similar shades but also successfully complements the image of warm blondes and girls with light brown hair.2) OXYGEN O2 CLEAR SHADE DILUTER

OXYGEN O2 CLEAR SHADE DILUTER works on ON/OFF Skin technology. This means that it allows you to adjust the degree of permeability of the dye into the skin surface.

This product allows a master to create more than 1000 new shades!


Diluter is not a colouring or brightening product, it can only be used to mix with basic colours.


How to use: mix the dye with a diluter to a uniform consistency, then add a cream-activator (in a 1:1 ratio).



FixTone is used after tinting to stop the dyeing on skin and hairs and to stabilize the result.

Silk hydrolysates, Keratin hydrolysates and Sophora extract contained in FixTone, effectively moisturize, soften and strengthen hairs.How to use: after removing the colouring mixture from the eyebrows (eyelashes), run a cotton pad, moistened with a fluid-stabilizer, over hairs, in the direction of growth of eyebrow hairs (eyelashes). Do not rinse.



Dye remover is suitable for correcting or eliminating errors during the colouring process. It lightens the skin but does not affect the colour of dyed hair. The composition includes hydrogenated castor oil, which strengthens hairs and soothes the skin.


How to use: Apply a small amount of remover on a cotton swab or cotton pad and carefully wipe contaminated skin. After application, the remaining product should be removed with a wet cotton pad or rinsed with water.



Cream-Activator 2.7% is an important part of the OXYGEN O2 eyebrow and eyelash tinting system. It contains minimum percentage of hydrogen peroxide therefore acts on the skin and hairs less aggressively but guarantees bright and long-lasting colour.


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