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Lash History

Posted by Jodie Burwood on


The History of Lash Safety

Discovering Lashes

My very first taste of Eyelash Extensions was in 2002, I was shown how to apply mini flares to the lash line without isolation by my nail technician, I loved the look but did not understand why they hurt a little and a re-lash was just adding more on top.

I was obsessed with the way it made my eyes pop though so I enrolled in a one day class where we got to apply half sets with no emphasis on isolation.

OMG I can’t believe we used to do this!

We were encouraged to use lash lengths that were 100% past the NL, the thickness were .20 and .25 and the “glue” was a 10 second dry, so the unkind and painful separation of stickies were all part of the glorious service.

Now, I’m not angry at these educators, you see at this time in Australia (and possibly the world) this was how it was done, you see Eyelash Extensions were such a new beauty treatment and this was all we knew.

As time has gone on, I have rewritten my training manual so many times I have lost count!

The lengths became shorter by firstly 50%. We discovered that if we shortened them then they did not hang in the line of vision. Then we discovered that a thinner diameter also benefitted this issue, and the lashes felt softer and less “stabby” to the eyelid.


The “Glue” as we discovered was actually an acrylic resin and I am so glad that Cyanoacrylate is still used in medical procedures to this day.

I relished in renaming this amazing product “Adhesive or Resin” (as my students know I am obsessed with refining the products image).

We discovered that working with adhesive manufacturers we could change elements about these adhesives to make them faster drying, thin in viscosity and the fumes less overpowering. And BONUS! We found with these changes, we had less stickies and less pain at the end of a set.


Shock! We required less adhesive!

Once upon a time we picked up beads to paint the natural lash before we placed the extension.

That this in fact created incredible crunchy finish with an almost impossible treatment to remove with tweezers if required.

Hello, Volume! Something New and Exciting!

But the ultimate realization came with the discovery of Volume!

I can tell you, when I retell this tale, I get chills every. single. time.

“Wake Up in your Makeup” was an online forum that united the world and paved a path on learning and helping eachother grow. It was here that Volume Lashes were first seen by the Western World from Eastern Europe.

It blew our minds that there is another way to lash, and this realisation also demonstrated how delicate this service could be for a client.

It changed our vision of what is truly beautiful art, it also put the Lash and Brow Beauty Treatments on the map.

A New World Awaits

So now, we know that lashes can be soft, that we can style them to suit a personality, that not everyone wants to be Kimmy K,and we know we can change the appearance of the face.

We also know todays “LASH RULES “are 100% safe for our clients!

Lash Length Rules:

Classic no more than 1/3 past the tip of the Natural Lash,

Volume 2mm past the tip of the Natural Lash.

Pure isolation and incredible cleansing is vital for lash health.

WHAT THE F&*^?!!

Why are we still seeing so many crazy, poor lash sets? So much damage? So many uneducated lash stylists learning from Youtube videos or Cheap and Nasty courses and clients willing to pay these cheaper prices to save a few bucks.


I know, I know….

We’ve heard it all before, I see it in every single beauty treatment in every state across Australia (if not the world).

I’m not here to bag those that don’t have the funds to learn correctly, I would never publicly say anything about another’s work, as I understand that not everyone has the means or funds to learn correct ways.

They may not even realise that what they are doing is wrong… as just like me (back in those early days) we were taught that way.


But I would like to help!

For 2020, I’d like to propose something for Perth Lash Artists.

If you are lash artist, or you know one, that has limited resources for Lash Education, have learnt outdated techniques that possibly is not healthy and truly feel “stuck”, then I want you to take a seat in my class… just for a payment with a smile!

I will reserve a seat in every class for 2020 for one lash artist to get an incredible education and start lashing safely and with integrity.

Let’s build an incredible community of Lash Artists!

To qualify, please forward a brief summary of who you are ( or submit forward) and why and we’ll go from there! Email

PS. You MUST have the hunger and honour this gift, as this offer will not continue otherwise. Terms and Conditions apply.